Monday, July 12, 2010

thoughts for the new apartment...

I hate packing... however, I always love being able to start from scratch decorating a new place.  So that being said, here are some pictures of ideas for the new place.

I would love to add shelving to the dining room so I could display some of my white dishes and milk glass!  The dishes would really pop against the khaki color of the walls.
I bought Andy these botanical prints this year because this was one of the only things he wanted on our registry.  Therefore, I think that I will use these in the guest bedroom.  I think I will incorporate yellow and navy into the guest room as of right now.  When I registered for the wedding, yellow was my color. Now I want to move more towards a pale blue color with lots of white.  But I will work with what I have!  So here is a picture of kind of my ideas for the guest room.

In the basement of my mom's house in Nashville, we have some amazing old trunks! I am desperate to grab them and use them somewhere in the house! I think I will try and use them as a side table somewhere for now! I loved this picture!
Handkerchiefs are so nostalgic! Anne, pseudo grandmother, left a beautiful collection of handkerchief's, and I have never known what to do with them!! NO LONGER!! Changing a frame out as soon as possible.