Monday, July 26, 2010

welcome home...

We are officially in Chattanooga, and trying to set up our new apartment!! However, we could only bring a limited amount of supplies this week due to the lack of storage in 1 sedan and 1 coupe.  Therefore, we are sleeping in the living room on an air mattress!! Oh the memories!

Andy today was quite the handy man and was able to get the wireless and netflicks set up!  This was his happy face once everything was successfully connected! Actually this was a reenactment for the camera. his face once it all started working was priceless.  Andy is a happy man. 

 Ghetto rigged entertainment center, but it works!

So maybe living behind the mall was a bad idea for me... cause today I decided to buy a couple of things for the master bath.

New soap dispenser and toothbrush holder! I love this blue glass which reminds me of the Ball jars I love sooooooooooo much! I saw the soap dispenser online from Target, and I didn't think they would have it in the store, especially in Little Rock! But on Saturday I had to take the dreaded Praxis for Middle School Content Knowledge and it was in Little Rock.  So after the test, Andy and I made a quick trip to the store, and they had it!!! I was super excited!  Last time I was in Chattanooga, I was in World Market, and I saw the toothbrush holder.  I was a little bummed cause I didn't have a soap dispenser that matched... but after I saw this one online I knew I had to get the glass holder!

So this is the beginning of the nautical bathroom... Once the white curtain went up I missed my old shower curtain desperately.  Not enough color yet.  But that will change! My sister says that I don't really write much on here.... but that's okay.  I only look at other people's pictures anyway.  Lookout for even more pictures of the apartment! Lots more to come!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

a few of my favorite things... from my wedding!

My mom scoured the internet for hours looking for shoes! I really can't believe she found shoes that had buttons, and in my color for the wedding! Mustard Yellow!!!

These buttons on my sleeve were from my mother's wedding dress.  I loved her dress, and since I had someone make mine, we were able to add some really special details to it.
The garter came from my overseas campaign to Scotland! Real Tartan.
The theme for the wedding really came from a picture of a button cake that I had pulled about 5 years before, while sitting with the wedding planner, I pulled the picture out.  It was a total aha moment! A button themed wedding!!  

I loved this veil! I had two veils, one traditional, one not so traditional! Sometimes I wish I had worn this one during the entire wedding.
Oh lanterns.  This was kind of a brain child for me.  At first, Cheryl and I thought we could do this ourselves... so glad we didn't! Thanks Bradfield Lighting!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

a little of this... a little of that

Right now I should be working on school work... however, blogging and home decorating is more fun!  Therefore, let's begin with the apartment!

In the midst of packing and school, I decided I wanted to paint some black Wal-Mart picture frames white to go into the master bathroom.  The colors for the bathroom are going to be blues, teals, and white! One day in the fall, Andy and I went to the Flea Market on Race St. near McRae Elementary, and he found these awesome ship prints.

I must be honest and say that at the time the prints were not my favorite.  They didn't really go with anything we had, but I sucked it up and let him buy them. I guess as they sat over the top of the T.V. for the last semester, I started to really like them.  Therefore they became the inspiration for the Master Bath!

Here is the process of painting the frames.  I need to get better at taking the step by step photos.

Remember this picture...

Well, while trying to pack a few things today, I found the handkerchief I carried the day Andy and I got married!! I already had the window frames, but it had another picture in it.  I simply switched out the picture and the handkerchief and voila!
Not a very good picture... but you get the idea!

Monday, July 12, 2010

thoughts for the new apartment...

I hate packing... however, I always love being able to start from scratch decorating a new place.  So that being said, here are some pictures of ideas for the new place.

I would love to add shelving to the dining room so I could display some of my white dishes and milk glass!  The dishes would really pop against the khaki color of the walls.
I bought Andy these botanical prints this year because this was one of the only things he wanted on our registry.  Therefore, I think that I will use these in the guest bedroom.  I think I will incorporate yellow and navy into the guest room as of right now.  When I registered for the wedding, yellow was my color. Now I want to move more towards a pale blue color with lots of white.  But I will work with what I have!  So here is a picture of kind of my ideas for the guest room.

In the basement of my mom's house in Nashville, we have some amazing old trunks! I am desperate to grab them and use them somewhere in the house! I think I will try and use them as a side table somewhere for now! I loved this picture!
Handkerchiefs are so nostalgic! Anne, pseudo grandmother, left a beautiful collection of handkerchief's, and I have never known what to do with them!! NO LONGER!! Changing a frame out as soon as possible.  

Sunday, July 11, 2010

a few pictures from the holidays...  

wishful thinking...

I am in desperate need of some shelving. Andy and I are compulsive book buyers, and we have too many books for our own good.  We justified it by saying they would all go into our classroom, however, don't think that Hunger Games is an appropriate text for 3rd graders.  Therefore, we are going to have to find some creative ways to store the thousands... yes I said thousands of books we have.  Above is one of my favorite ways I have found to do just that.  Always on the look out for more!

the beginning...

Welcome to all readers... which is no one at this point, but hey, one day maybe someone will read my blog! 

A little about myself... I have been happily married to my husband Andy for almost a year, and  in less than two weeks we will be moving to yet another apartment.  However,  soonish, I hope to be a home owner. Nonetheless, for the next year, I will make our apartment the coziest little apartment out there, so look out for pictures.  

After six years of schooling, (undergrad and master's) I will finally begin my first year of teaching which will be a grand adventure, full of laughter and a lot of mistakes. Look out kiddos!  

I hope to one day have a few reader's, but as of now...