Wednesday, July 21, 2010

a few of my favorite things... from my wedding!

My mom scoured the internet for hours looking for shoes! I really can't believe she found shoes that had buttons, and in my color for the wedding! Mustard Yellow!!!

These buttons on my sleeve were from my mother's wedding dress.  I loved her dress, and since I had someone make mine, we were able to add some really special details to it.
The garter came from my overseas campaign to Scotland! Real Tartan.
The theme for the wedding really came from a picture of a button cake that I had pulled about 5 years before, while sitting with the wedding planner, I pulled the picture out.  It was a total aha moment! A button themed wedding!!  

I loved this veil! I had two veils, one traditional, one not so traditional! Sometimes I wish I had worn this one during the entire wedding.
Oh lanterns.  This was kind of a brain child for me.  At first, Cheryl and I thought we could do this ourselves... so glad we didn't! Thanks Bradfield Lighting!!


  1. I've only seen pictures, but I have a major crush on your wedding! :)

  2. I love what I can see of your wedding! You should share more pictures!