Thursday, July 15, 2010

a little of this... a little of that

Right now I should be working on school work... however, blogging and home decorating is more fun!  Therefore, let's begin with the apartment!

In the midst of packing and school, I decided I wanted to paint some black Wal-Mart picture frames white to go into the master bathroom.  The colors for the bathroom are going to be blues, teals, and white! One day in the fall, Andy and I went to the Flea Market on Race St. near McRae Elementary, and he found these awesome ship prints.

I must be honest and say that at the time the prints were not my favorite.  They didn't really go with anything we had, but I sucked it up and let him buy them. I guess as they sat over the top of the T.V. for the last semester, I started to really like them.  Therefore they became the inspiration for the Master Bath!

Here is the process of painting the frames.  I need to get better at taking the step by step photos.

Remember this picture...

Well, while trying to pack a few things today, I found the handkerchief I carried the day Andy and I got married!! I already had the window frames, but it had another picture in it.  I simply switched out the picture and the handkerchief and voila!
Not a very good picture... but you get the idea!

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  1. The ship prints are awesome and you know it!